Not far from the River Ebro, in poor soil which is unsuitable for any crops other than vines, spread a blanket of vineyards which can be seen from the Sierra de Cantabria mountains, which form the border of the Rioja Alavesa. In the foothills of this mountain chain sits Leza, home of our wine cellar, most of our plots of vineyard and our very existence.

In this fortunate nail, thanks to their 30 ha. of vineyards, the Laredo family produces a wide range of young and aged wines. The vines were planted in the 1940s so that they are now at their peak, with and almost perfect balance between yield and quality.


The new cellar, built with the change of the century, sums up all the technological advances in the winemaking world in recent times.
Modern premises with capacity for processing 400,000 kg of grapes and 2,500 casks for ageing the wine, but still with plenty of room for the twenty centuries of experience of the people of the region in working with grapes, in the shape of tradition and respect for their legacy.